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How to order a bus ticket?

The online booking system of long distance buses is an easy and reliable way to buy tickets for bus services. A paid ticket that will come to your e-mail is a guarantee that you will be able to leave in the right direction without the need to purchase a ticket at the ticket office of the bus station.

See also "FAQ on System Operation""

Step 1.To make an order, you need to select the directions, date and number of passengers on the main page of the service.

After that, in case the tickets is available for booking, you will see a list of possible destinations.

The table provides basic information about the trip, and for more information you can click on the name of the trip. Also the fastest and the cheapest versions of the trip are marked by a special label.

Step 2. After choosing the trip, you can click the "Buy" button in front of the desired option and go to the next step. At this stage it is necessary to fill in the passenger data – first name, last name, patronymic, birth date in the specified format, document number:

Step 3. After entering the data, you'll proceed to the payment step with links to ticket payment.

Click "PAY" to visit payment system page. All payments are safe.

Please, don't forget to make a payment within 30 minutes after going to Step 3, or booking will be cancelled.

By the link you will be redirected to the payment system for choosing the method of payment - you can pay by bank card or use one of the other payment options offered by the system - all different types of payments available are shown on the form tabs:

After the successful completion of the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the attached ticket in PDF format. That’s all - you will only need to print out the ticket and come for the trip, no additional actions (as confirmation or exchanges at the ticket office) required.

Tickets are in russian language, so remember the information about you route, or ask for help by chat on our site

If you have any difficulties with the order or you want to ask additional questions - write to us at the e-mail admin@buy2bus.ru. We will reply as soon as possible!

How to buy a ticket?

You can easily order tickets on buy2bus.ru – use the search form for the tickets that you exactly need, enter your personal data and wait until you get link for payment. After payment is made you get e-tickets in pdf format on e-mail. You will only have to print them before the trip!