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How to make a booking?

Detailed information about purchasing tickets you can see in "How to make an order?"

How to use e-ticket?

E-ticket is the same as regular ticket purchased in ticket office – you just need to show the e-ticket and the  identity document given when you purchased the electronic ticket.

And that’s all – with e-ticket you are guaranteed to leave on the right bus!

Should I have a print-out of my e-ticket?

In some cases there’s no need in print-out of your e-ticket since your data is already available to the carrier in electronic form, and you only need to verify the identity with your document.

However, if possible, we recommend to print tickets and show them when boarding. If it is impossible to print tickets, it is advisable to specify in advance whether boarding without tickets for the chosen trip is possible by writing us at admin@buy2bus.ru

Do I need to certify or exchange e-ticket?

There is no need in any other actions with the tickets – it is valid for boarding on bus.

How much time do I have for payment?

After you have completed electronic registration you’ll receive an e-mail with a link for payment. You should complete the payment in one hour after receiving the e-mail.

The seats on your order are immediately pre-booked and the final confirmation of the reservation without payment is impossible. After one hour the carrier withdraws the preliminary reservation of seats.

How can I pay for ticket?

For buying tickets we use the PayAnyWay system, which guarantees the security of all payments and a wide choice of payment methods.

For buying tickets we use the PayAnyWay system, which guarantees the security of all payments and a wide choice of payment methods.

The system assumes one of many payment options:

- Bank cards;

- Electronic money (Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Monet.Ru, Money.ua);

- Banking services (Sberbank OnL@yn, "Alfa-Click", Factura.ru, UBRD);

- Payment terminals.

Choosing a convenient method of payment for you, you can follow the instructions of the system - any operation takes no more than 5 minutes. If you have any questions about payment, you can always contact us for help by e-mail admin@buy2bus.ru

How can I return my ticket?

You can send an application for cancellation of the ticket and refund by writing to the e-mail admin@buy2bus.ru. In the subject line of the letter, indicate "Cancellation of the ticket [Your destination] to [date of departure].

Also, we recommend to specify in the e-mail the name of the passenger and the reason of return.

Processing of requests for return tickets is carried out within 2-3 working days. In the reply message on the application we will also indicate the cost of the commission for the return of tickets due to the fault of the buyer (the commission may amount to 25% of the cost of the paid ticket).

The funds are returned to the account from which the payment was received.v

If the trip is canceled by the carrier, it is returned 100% of the cost of the paid ticket!

View return conditions text

How to purchase a ticket using a bank card?

Payment by bank card is the most popular way of making a payment. Security of payments using bank cards is provided by the technologies of HTTPS secure connection and two-factor user authentication 3D Secure.

When you click on the link from the confirmation letter, the payment by bank card will be selected by default:

You will need to enter the card number, holder name, validity period and the last 3 digits indicated on the signature strip on the back of the card (CVV):

Then click "Pay". The system will transfer you to the payment confirmation step - in most cases it is the SMS code sent to the phone number tied to the card.

Immediately after confirming the payment, the trip is considered paid and you will receive a letter with a ready-to-print ticket on your e-mail!

Can I buy a ticket to another person according to my documents?

In order to avoid difficulties when boarding a bus we recommend to indicate for each passenger his personal document.

Is it possible to transport animals?

Bus tickets purchased with the help of Buy2bus.ru service apply only to people, our website does not sell tickets for pets.

General rules in force regarding the transport of animals:v

"When traveling in a vehicle carrying out regular passenger transportation, a passenger has the right to carry free hand luggage with no more than one seat, the length, width and height of which do not exceed one hundred and twenty centimeters." According to paragraph 62 of the "Rules", it is allowed to carry in the hand luggage only animals in cells with a solid bottom.

Transportation of dogs of hunting and service breeds is carried out in the back seats of the bus, with a muzzle, leash and a certificate bearing the inscription "Dog vaccinated against rabies". A baggage ticket must be purchased for the dog.

We recommend to specify the possibility of carrying animals at the carrier servicing the chosen trip, since not all carriers allow animals to travel on their buses.

Is it possible to book a discount ticket?

Within the service, it is possible to purchase only adults and discounted children’s tickets (if there is a discount for a child ticket from the carrier). Other types of discount tickets for booking are not available.

What amount of luggage is included in the ticket price?

Each passenger of a bus trip has the right to carry one hand luggage, not exceeding 20 kg in weight, with overall dimensions for the sum of the length, width and height of not more than 120 cm (for example, 60 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm).

If the weight or dimensions of hand luggage exceed these parameters, the passenger should purchase an additional ticket for luggage.

The carrier establishes the cost of overpayment for extra luggage. The payment is made at the place of departure of the bus, while at the time of boarding the ticket offices or bus stations are required to take an extra charge for luggage out of turn.

What documents, other than a passport, are suitable for proof of identity?

For purchasing a ticket for intercity buses in the Russian Federation, it is allowed to use:

- International passport;

- National passport of foreign citizen;

- Birth certificate;

- Military ID;

- Temporary identity card.

The use of a foreign passport is allowed for foreign trips for adult passengers, for children - a children's foreign passport or a birth certificate.

Citizens of other countries must specify the data of the document, which allows to legally cross the border of the Russian Federation.

Do not forget that when boarding a bus it is required to present exactly the document that was indicated when you booked the e-ticket!

International passport is indicated in the system as a default document confirming the identity. If you want to select another document from the number of valid options, you should select it in the drop-down list:

In most cases we advice you to choose "International passport" for purchasing the tickets.

How to buy a ticket?

You can easily order tickets on buy2bus.ru – use the search form for the tickets that you exactly need, enter your personal data and wait until you get link for payment. After payment is made you get e-tickets in pdf format on e-mail. You will only have to print them before the trip!